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Otosaver DAS-5000L black box(Dash Camera)

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│Product Overview│

The DAS-5000L is a new generation of dual cameras vehicle drive recorder designed to provide you both sides of recording for front and rear at once and viewing record image as real time play on 4.0 inch wide LCD built in monitor without separate players and connect cables. You can control all functions very easily on the Full Touch screen with user friendly interface and DAS-5000HD’s high quality IPS panel provide high luminance, high definition and wide viewing angle. 

By innovative improvement for recorded data save method, if detected upon impacts while driving then it is automatically save data in duplicate to prevent data missing. It has data recovery function to restored damage data so you can save your data very safely. Furthermore, DAS-5000L is provide execute six each orders at once based on Quad-Play System with over three time fast processing speed than any other dashboard drive recorders in the market recently.

Simply to change setting condition on the LCD screen while device is operating and viewing real time recording image for both sides of front and rear in clear high quality definition. You also can have vehicle’s voltage information very directly through LCD monitor’s viewing and available to control the voltage blocking level for automatically power disconnected function to prevent vehicle’s battery discharge.

DAS-5000L is safely operating in the high temperature condition with Anti-Heating System. DAS-5000L’s built-in digital temperature sensor is automatically operating to control the device’s on/off according to drastic temperature changes to prevent data damage in emergency situation. It is also provide stable temperature operating with internal high quality low heat supercap battery and designed by low heat pattern generation.


2ch front + Rear
LCD monitor
4 inch, 800*480, Full Touch Screen
Angle (Forward)
130 degree for both of side (F : 1.5)
Recording Resolution
HD : Front (720p) + VGA : Rear
Recording Frame
1ch : 30fps
2ch : 20fps for front & 10fps for Rear
Various Recording Type
Continuous recording, Event recording,
Motion recording, Emergency recording.
Front & rear playback,
Monitoring while recording for both of sides
External GPS (Option)
Data Storage / Type
Micro SD card / MP 4
Temperature Sensor
Digital Temperature Sensor
Power Supply
DC 12V – 24V

│Main Features│

  • 4.0 inch Wide High Quality LCD Monitor
    DAS-5000L is provide high luminance, high definition, wide viewing angle by impact type of LCD touch screen & monitor (IPS panel), maintain best operating condition in hot summer’s high temperature and long time of operating with strong durability.


  • Full Touch screen with Easy & Simple User Friendly Interface
    You can control all functions by simply clicking on the Full Touch Screen and User Friendly Interface viewing setting menu for user’s convenience.
  • Anti-Heating System by Digital Temperature sensor
    DAS-5000L is provide to prevent system damage from device’s self-heating or vehicle’s heating by digital temperature sensor detected and automatically control to maintain stable operating in safely condition. It is provide to protect micro SD memory card and help to save data safely and keep using it much longer.
  • Automatically power disconnected function.
    DAS-5000L is viewing vehicle’s voltage status by icon on the LCD monitor with real-time voltage checking system so you can control the vehicle’s voltage condition and confirm status very directly. Also device is automatically disconnected power supply from the vehicle to prevent vehicle’s battery discharge and you can control the power blocking level on the setting.
  • Internal High quality & Low heating supercap battery.
    DAS-5000L is designed by low heating pattern generation with built in high quality & low heating supercap battery so provide more convenience using condition for user. This supercap battery has around three to five years lifetime and it’s much longer than existing lithium-ion battery or lithium polymer battery’s around one and half year of lifetime to use.
  • Dual images simulcast monitoring function.
    DAS-5000L is viewing dual images simulcast monitoring on a 4.0 inch’s LCD screen for both sides of front and rear with images blow-up function on the play mode. This is new generation of DAS-5000L which is innovatively improved than existing general OS of any other vehicle drive recorders in the market recently.
  • Damage data recovery function
    DAS-5000L is provide recovery function for damage data and separately save recorded data into temporary save storage while saving data, and if device missing to saved some of data or have damage then it is available to recover it through recover program.
  • Memory card self-formatting function
    You can format micro SD card with one touch on the LCD screen of device easily. We recommend that you reformat the SD memory card once per every week to keep the card in good condition and to reduce the chance of data errors and you can protect your privacy also.
  • Freely real-time play while driving
    DAS-5000L is available to play for front / rear / both sides of front and rear images freely while driving with high quality definition.
  • IR waterproof rear camera (optional)
    There’re two types of rear camera for DAS-5000L. First, CCD rear camera which is basically included DAS-5000L’s package provide high quality’s clear image and it could install inside of the vehicle. Optional IR waterproof rear camera is available to install both inside/outside of the vehicle and provide best quality’s clear image in the lightless condition by infrared sensor with six each IR lights and fourfold waterproofing with rust proofing perfectly. These rear cameras are help to record vehicle’s blind spots with main camera of DAS-5000L
  • Journaling File System
    DAS-5000L is innovative improved re-booting/pause phenomenon by journaling file system with automatically skip for bad tracks. Also, it is available to reduce more than 4 degrees temperature itself with not happened SD card clock in the parking mode so successfully minimize system errors possibility from temperature rise.
  • LED Security Light
    DAS-5000L is designed put on LED security light front side of the device as a role to prevent vehicle crime in advance.
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